Your Road to Love Yourself Again

love yourself

Have you ever asked yourself “what if I give myself a little more love? What would really change?” but I’m afraid if the real question was “do I even love myself?” Maybe we were told to give our ultimate best in serving others with a sincere heart and a lovely smile, socializing with the maximum of acquaintances which enables you to create your perfect portfolio of contacts, at the end of the day you take the mask off and the shiny smile fades away, asking for the meaning of your existence in a corner or maybe while shedding tears in hidden.

Every time you plead for help from your soul, if only the stormy multi-talks stop and a moment of pure peace comes. The day after you look extremely satisfied with “today’s new mask” and if by chance someone asks you if you’re doing well, your doubtless answer will be “I’m fine” and unfortunately sometimes you make it to the next level by replying “I’m doing great!” or “everything is alright”, well I doubt so!

The sincere answer of these complicated struggles is that you don’t love your precious soul as much as you think in a way you are too much consumed in others, you may know about them more than yourself. Sometimes you dare to put yourself in totally awkward situations so you can “fit” their own choices. If it’s the case for you dear reader, you may lose it all in this life because if the sun gives up on its brightness for the moon, I doubt in the shiny day and dark night. You are as the sun, shining on your own and it’s undeniable that you can’t shine sitting on someone else’s sun. I truly believe that everyone is like the universe, if it is not controlled by well-formulated laws, the system will be unbalanced.

There are no 1 2 3 steps explaining how to love yourself, it only happens the moment you sincerely in need of that miraculous change in your life, when your heart and mind finally agree on dropping the fearful mask and except to be reconciled with your broken soul. If you willingly want to love yourself, start by changing your mindset:

  • Substitute your negative thoughts about your body by positive ones that can boost your confidence.
  • Try to love your perfect imperfections and don’t let anyone shape who you are.
  • Be unique in your own way and be proud of it.
  • If you feel that life is just a moment, don’t ever waste it on useless instant acquaintances.
  • Others are other than you in any way, be your center of attractiveness.
  • It is okay sometimes to find yourself in serving people who truly need your help and let them see through you not you.
  • Be thankful for your existence and search for its meaning, it may take you years and years to recognize your life’s purpose and what kind of service you may offer to humanity so be patient even if it seems to be a long road, you are capable of it.
  • Don’t be ashamed of who you are right now just believe within you everything does change and the important is to adapt to your present and be truly satisfied with it by true hard work, thus you can create a perfect balance between you now and you in the future.
  • Develop new healthy habits in which you get much closer to the “ideal you” such as meditation, drawing, writing your diary, yoga, listening to positive music, read good stuff, be an early riser…etc
  • Build your castle of hope and let none let you think that it is hopeless to hope more.

Remember that it is easier to love others but it is a worth-taking challenge to give yourself a little bit more love when you are the one who needs it more.  

All the love from YOUAKABELLE’s team <3