In Need of a Freshly New Start in Your Life?

I strongly believe in one’s courage in taking a new path imbued with a sincere hope for a fresh beginning, completely ready to let go of that past full of unbearable regrets and disappointments and daring for a whole unknown future. If you decide dear reader to walk into the woods, you should be undismayed by its darkness as beautifully said in an old tale “only in the darkness you can see the stars”. So you want to create a new chapter in your life or maybe rewrite your whole new life’s book? Go for it and yes that’s my only tip because you are the only one who can make it possible for you and you should know you are truly worth it; hence I hope by means of the following considerations you make the best version of you!

1. Let go of the past …

Whatever seems so difficult to deal with or even mentally hunting you, try to erase it from your bad memories list, I know how hard it is to forget about some horrible experiences that left  a deep scar behind but to save yourself from the pain you shall courageously dare to step over it because if you don’t you will head your precious life to ruin, so always remember that circumstances doesn’t control you but you are the one who is fully authoritarian over them because you are at that extent a powerful human being. It is okay to say your last farewell to your stressful past with warm tears and if there are none left to cry, smile sarcastically because you finally made it! Live up to your potentials and show them what you’ve got.

2. Laying plans

In order to turn a new page, you should prepare carefully your intended plans that you really hope to achieve as a person and professional, so here is my tip: divide realistically and carefully your precious time in alteration with a large amount of serious work and a medium part for social gatherings and self-care routine. Prioritize your needs as well as your tasks during the day, organizing is the key winner for success of self-built people.
I believe that is awesome when you start the day with deep contemplation along with the cozy sensation of coffee or tea; it gives you a clearer way to plan for your day in a well-balanced way, by doing so you will develop your own method in reflecting and seeing into most complicated knots of your soul.

Try to find that thing in which you’ll feel happy in doing on a daily basis, you’ll never get sick of what we call ‘PASSION’, I think that’s the difficult part in the process, finding what we do most ache for, what truly defines us as contributors to this world even if It’s something that we may get paid for sometimes, remember nothing will ever equally pay you for your creativity and benevolence in work.

There is another interesting point that I really want to outline which is as follows: you may like a bunch of things to achieve so it gets confusing and you eventually may get lost and probably you’ll feel much lazier in working on your dreams list, thus it’s better for you to prioritize your wishes list according to your criteria and if you feel like you have the full potential and control over your multi-dreams list, just go ahead, try to work on every single dream and give it its deserved position. There is no doubt, the road for those who choose to make a lot of their dreams into reality is complicated and they are way different than their peers who only focus on a single dream. This category faces much many hardships and gets overly tired along the journey but if they resist and care for each of their dreams they will definitely reach the unreachable that a lot seems to see far from reality. What I do respect the most about this category of people, the fact that they are able to accept the challenge, they do value each dream to the extent they start working on a bunch of them simultaneously. So choose your path wisely and find in which category you belong to, you may love to focus on a single dream and for you it’s THE DREAM or your heart makes it way more complicated so you work on a lot of dreams but for you again it is always THE DREAM, you won’t be able to prioritize or even give up on one of them because you want them to be achieved as a whole.

If you strongly believe you can’t focus on working on a lot of tasks during the day, try to minimalist as I think the minimize is way better than getting depressed over a lot of work to be done.

3. Is a happy ending ever possible?

Happiness is a very positive word that makes your soul at peace by just hearing it, I won’t say we need to turn each moment in our life into true happiness because I truly know as a normal person how hard it is to stay positive in every area in my own life but all what I can say is that we need to cherish every second along the journey whether it’s a happy, sad or even normal experience because every piece of you speaks about your thoughts in cohabitation with your true actions and then  results and aftereffects of your own decisions, so as you can see It all begins with a simple thought which is necessarily yours and so as a simple tip for you dear reader, please take good care of your thoughts because they can give you that euphoria that you’re looking for so bad in your life or be the cause of your despair. Don’t look up to the ending of the story, maybe that happiness you’re craving for you’ve already experienced it all along!

4. Protect your crown

Now you’re finally there, good for you! That big thing that you’ve once thought of unreachable is now in your hands and yes it is right there, you finally did it and you’re proud of yourself and that’s great but remember if your struggles to get that beautiful crown were that hard, protecting it is way harder because a lot do want the exact same thing as you, you may be not the only one so set your own security plans and other goals, value yourself much more and experience more than enough!.