From today onwards write your own Story…

We are told to write our own stories in this life and because we own it, we must think carefully for a beautiful ending whatever the start may have been. In real life, it seems to be so hard to control our own lives; the events are developing in a hasty pace making it even harder to coexist in peace with them. So, the real task is to be able to stay authoritarian over your life’s obstacles whatever the situation might be – happy or sad – be the only controller because it is your own life and don’t let others tell you how to live it.


We normally crave a CHANGE when we finally realize all that we have been through until this point is useless or we simply did betray our dear selves in a wrong way, we do wish for a new start so we can freshly breathe and get out of this suffocative situation. «Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change” Jim Rohnyou. Whatever pain you are going through now, you should know the moon shines brighter when it gets darker, so hold on where you are, be patient for a gradual change and be ready for the BIG CHANGE, if you really mean it, the whole universe will respond to you because your thirst for a new life is much bigger than a miserable situation.


First of all, you need to think or maybe to overthink about what kind of position you want to hold, the doors to knock, and the dreams you strongly want to achieve. You may not have a clear idea of what you want but only with experiencing new things and taking great risks, letting yourself penetrate the war of indecision and confusion and it is completely okay to feel so. Once you step in the game, you will know what kind of things speaks to your soul and that’s your passion.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen

Wayne Huizenga


And that’s true, one day or day one? You decide. Please set yourself free from the illusionary cage of extra-imagination and daydreams and make sure to work on it and if you think you’re going through hell then try losing. all that matters is to put your precious thoughts into real action if you believe in an idea…prove it then.


I admit, it is so hard to give up on the thought of being the number one instead of being the only one, maybe because of the fear to stay the last of your kind in what you really want to do, so you feel the need to go along the same journey as a successful predecessor in the field and this can raise you as it really has the power to limit your potentials, your true colors fade away and sooner or later you will be obsessed in being that person, instead of you. My tip is to stay true to what makes you stand out among the community because that’s your real charm and this is the only way to be the only one.  

In order to be irreplaceable, one must be always different.

Coco Channel



It’s time to take your life back from people that are causing you pain and making you unhappy. This is your life and you’re the author of your story. If you’re stuck on the same page, just remember that at any moment you have the power to write a new chapter.

Robert Tew 


Don’t wait for people to change, you can’t change them and you will never, but there is only one person in this world you can compromise with for a radical change, this person is “YOU”, befriend yourself and know more about it other than anyone else in this world, all your flaws and strengths, your likes and dislikes so you can have a clear vision of what kind of life you really want to live.

You may be disappointed with some people/yourself, it is okay! The emotion of disappointment exists so it teaches you something you couldn’t see by yourself in your normal state, in this way you know more about what kind of acquaintances you’re making along your life journey. Here is a beautiful saying from an unknown person:

“Everybody isn’t your friend, just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they are your true friend. 
People pretend well.
At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.”

So what kind of story you want to write? let me know in the comment section.

                                                                    All the love from YOUAKABELLE’s team.