about us

about us

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


What does "You.aka.Belle" stand for?

You: A person who is reading this.
aka: Also known as.
Belle: The french word for ” Beautiful “.

What does Beauty mean to " You.aka.Belle "?

Your whole existence is a true beauty, every single trait you share is UNIQUELY beautiful from your genuine look to your creative mind. You.aka.Belle means ” YOU also known as BEAUTIFUL”, a girl/ woman with a character free of limitations, global standards, and favoritism, embracing all cultures and ethnicities.

About Us

You.aka.Belle editorial team is run by 2 sisters (full-time beauty bloggers & online entrepreneurs) who share the same passion for exploring the cosmetic industry that works diligently to bring out the best effective formulas and technologies to enhance women’s beauty. We cover not only the creme de la creme effective beauty products and trends but we also share wellness topics because Health (physical, mental) and beauty are almost synonymous. In brief, what we feel inside reflects on our face and body.
We hope to make you feel inspired so you can change some of your daily habits in order to live a beautiful, healthy and happy life.

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Once a member…forever in the fam <3

All the love from YouakaBelle team.